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We have our own mango farm in Nuzveedu(Andhra Pradesh) . We care for your health so we produce pesticide free mangoes.

About Us

Nuzveedu authentic Mango

When you buy from us you can be sure of getting authentic and world famous Nuzveedu mangoes and not the cheaper chemical mixed mangoes.

What Is Organic?

Safe and Healthy

Buying from us removes the middle man who for more profit supply artificially ripened mangoes using chemicals, which is harmful for your health...


Marvin Fletcher

Farm Fresh

We have our own mango farm. We care for your health so we produce pesticide free mangoes. Pesticide free, Organic farm fresh Mango.
Valerie Anderson

Mango Plucking

In our farm Mangoes are gently handplucked and checked for any superficial skin blemishes before they go the next stage of Packaging.
Frederick Dean


Utmost care is taken in packaging because it is very important, to keep the fruit in good condition and protect against rotting or any possible damage.
Katherine Ruiz


Our Mangoes are packed in 5-ply corrugated Box so that it doesn't loose its flavor, also we us Organic materials to cushion mangoes.

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